Strong Pigeon

Who are you?

We're a small software development company from Seattle consisting of one person and one dog.

Can I see the dog?

Yes, but not now.

So, what do you do? Like... apps?

Among other things, yes. Which brings us to our next point. Our current project:


An app for powerlifters following Jim Wendler's popular 5/3/1 program. Our main developer (the human, not the dog) swears by it. He built the app he wanted after being unsatisfied with what was out there.


  • Generate your program for you
  • Notify while you're scrolling on Instagram that your rest is over
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Save your workouts to Apple Health

When can I use it?

Well, it's not done yet. But feel free to contact us and we can talk about putting you in the beta.

Ok, I get the "Strong" part, but why "Pigeon"?

Can I see the dog now?